CO2: Organize laboratory work on structural elements and materials. PO5: Ability to utilize appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools in predicting and modelling of complex civil engineering problems with an understanding of the limitations. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. STU ... DENT ID 2019530279 2019528059 2019528131 NAME DYG NUR DINI AMANI BT AWG ALIM SITI NUR A’DILAH BT SABEKI MUHAMAD AFIFF BIN MD ROZI CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL PSYCHOMOTOR PERFORMANCE RUBRIC PERFORMANCE SCALE NO. CRITERIA Developing Functional Proficient Advanced 0 1 2 3 4 5  Independently  Often requires  Generally able to designed / identified  Has a very low ability to  Independently Ability to design  Unable to design/ design/ identify the instructor to design / design / identify basic designed / identified the idea / task of the and conducted identify the basic idea / basic idea / task of the identify basic idea / task idea / task of the idea / task of the experiment with task of the experiment. of the experiment. experiment. additional supporting 1 a research- experiment. experiment.  Helps are required to  Helps are required with  Able to conduct the references.  Helps are required to  Able to conduct a based conduct the whole refinement in several experiment with  Show an outstanding experiment experiment. conduct the whole major details and minimal guide from research-based ability in conducting experiment. experiment. conduct the experiment. the instructor. research-based experiment. Ability to perform Fails to notice the experiment importance information and Has a very low awareness Minor flaws in safety. Practices most procedures Practices most safety Practices all safety on the importance of safety and conforms to procedures and conforms to procedures and conforms to 2 safely and safety factors in the Requires constant information and safety the lab regulations with the lab regulations without the lab regulations without aware of workplace. factors in the workplace. supervision. minimal supervision. supervision. supervision. priorities in the laboratory. Ability to  All equipment are demonstrate  Setup of equipment is  All equipment are  Setup of equipment is accurately placed in an  Unable to setup the  Setup of equipment is generally workable accurately placed. care and generally workable orgained way equipment not accurate  Demonstrates good  Demonstrates sound 3 respect in  Demonstrates general  Demonstrates a very  No respect and care for  Lacks of respect and knowledge of respect knowledge of respect handling the the equipments. care for the equipments. respect and care for the and care for the and care for the good knowledge of equipments. respect and care for the equipment set- equipment. equipment. equipments. up. Successfully  Successfully complete  Successfully complete  Successfully complete performs  Low ability to complete experiment procedures experiment procedures  Successfully complete experiment  Cannot complete tasks tasks and standard experiment with moderate with minimal experiment independently. and standard procedures. 4 without supervision. supervision. independently.  Thoroughly and procedures.  Help is required with guidance based  Help is always required. refinement in several  Requires help from the  Works to follow each  Carefully follow each carefully follow each instructor with some step before moving the step. step before moving to on level of major details. steps in procedure next step the next step. openness.  Data collected is relevant  Data collected is relevant and sufficient to analyze  Data collected is  Data collected is  Data collected is in a and sufficient to analyze that probably represents relevant, related to accurately reflects the Ability to collect disorganized manner or that probably only the results of the objective(s) and results of the and record the Data collected are only with the instructor represents the results of experiment but not sufficient to analyze. experiment and disorganized and not assistance the experiment. 5 experimental related to the objectives.  One component of data objective(s). relevant  Data recorded is  Two components of data  Two components of data incomplete or missing:  Tables are easy to read data in an relevant but very brief incomplete or missing: incomplete or missing: Units and units are provided. orderly manner and the data is Units Units Tables Graphs are labeled and insufficient to analyze. Tables Tables Graphs show trends. Graphs Graphs Ability to All of the results have been illustrate the Almost all of the results All of the results have been interpreted correctly, with Incorrect interpretation of Incomplete interpretation Minimal with 1 sentence have been correctly experimental correctly interpreted, with sufficient support of trends and comparison of of trends and comparison of describing the main finding interpreted but without 6 work and data indicating a lack of data indicating a lack of of the experiment. sufficient support of only 1 sufficient support of important trends or data manipulating understanding of results. understanding of results. important trends or data important trends or data comparisons [Show More]

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