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Foundations of Mental Health Care 6th Edition By Morrison -Test Bank

1. A male teenage client tells the nurse that his friends like to drink alcohol occasionally to get drunk. The client’s friends see nothing wrong with their drinking habits. The client states that he was taught by his parents and agrees that underage drinking is not acceptable. Also, he has never ... seen his parents drunk; therefore, he refuses to drink with his friends. Which mode of transmission best describes how this client’s particular value was formed? a. Moralizing b. Modeling c. Reward-punishment d. Laissez-faire 2. A female client becomes combative when the nurse attempts to administer routine medications. The nurse would like to ignore the client but chooses to talk with the client to calm her. The nurse is successful in calming the client, and the client takes her medications. What process best describes how the nurse decided on the course of action taken? a. Values clarification b. Nurse’s rights c. Beliefs d. Morals 3. Twenty-three states have enacted mental health parity laws. The most accurate description of these laws is that they require insurance companies to: a. Include coverage for mental illness b. Include coverage for substance abuse treatment c. Include coverage for mental illness that is equal to coverage for physical illness d. Include coverage for outpatient therapy for individuals with substance abuse 4. The client is feeling very anxious and has requested that a p.r.n. antianxiety medication be ordered. The nurse informs the client that the medication can be administered only every 4 hours and was given 3 hours ago. The nurse promises to give the client the medication as soon as it is due, but the nurse goes to lunch 1 hour later without giving the client the medication. Which ethical principle did the nurse violate? a. Fidelity b. Veracity c. Confidentiality d. Justice 3 TOP: Ethical Principles KEY: Nursing Process Step: Intervention MSC: Client Needs: Safe and Effective Care Environment 5. A male client is seeking help in a mental health clinic for anger management problems. He voices that he is fearful that his wife may divorce him because of his anger problem, and he is willing to do “whatever it takes” to control his anger. Later in the week, the client’s wife also seeks assistance because she is going to divorce her husband. The nurse who is caring for both of these clients tries to decide the correct action to take. The nurse is experiencing: a. A moral dilemma b. Value clarification c. An ethical conflict (or dilemma) d. A breach of confidentiality 6. The psychiatrist asks the nurse to perform a procedure that she is not familiar with, and the nurse is unsure whether this is something within the scope of practice. Where can the nurse find the answer to her question? a. National nurse practice act b. State nurse practice act c. Regional nurse practice act d. Community nurse practice act 7. An order written by a physician is reviewed by the nursing staff, and no one is familiar with the treatment instructions. A nurse who was recently hired knows that this treatment is covered by the state’s nurse practice act. What is the nurse’s best course of action? a. Call the physician to ask for clarification b. Check the state’s nurse practice act again c. Contact the nursing supervisor for approval to carry out the treatment d. Refer to the facility’s policy and procedure to determine the course of action 8. Standards of nursing practice for mental health can best be described as helping to ensure: a. That certain clients receive care b. Quality and effectiveness of care c. Proper documentation d. Proper medication administration 9. If a client is involuntarily committed to a mental health care facility indefinitely, the law requires that the case must be reviewed every: a. 3 months b. 6 months c. 12 months [Show More]

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