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Memory access instructions Take Test ECEN350 Lab 02

Test Information Description Follow the steps outlined and answer the questions. Instructions Objective The objective of this lab is to make you more familiar with accessing memory via assembly instructions. Pre-requisite Before starting with this lab, you are required to know how ARMv8 access ... es memory, have read throughly and completed Prelab02, and have caught up on your reading in Patterson and Hennessy. Checkout and Create Workspace As with Lab01, you must checkout the starting files for Lab02 from git. 1. Review the steps you took in Lab01 to checkout Lab01's workspace 2. Walk through steps 1-4 from Lab01 Problem 1 to start the process of importing the lab files from git. 3. At this dialog box, change the final path to be "Lab02": Then click "Next" [Show More]

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