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PYC3703 MCQ TESTBANK 2022/2023

Which of the following would not be studied by a Cognitive Psychologist? a. whether people can pay attention to multiple stimuli at once without losing accuracy b. if advertising using animation is more memorable than advertising using no animation c. whether a group of people present affect how ... much is given to charity d. if the reading speed of college graduates differs from that of high school graduates The combination of rational with empirical methods so as to get the “best of both worlds” represents, in dialectical terms, a(n) a. thesis. b. antithesis. c. synthesis. d. antisynthesis. Part of dialectic thinking is when a statement of belief is proposed. This statement would be called the ___. a. antithesis b. synthesis c. thesis d. pragmatics This part of dialectic thinking is when a counterstatement to previous beliefs emerges. This counterstatement would be called the ___. a. antithesis b. synthesis c. thesis d. pragmatics The philosopher who advanced the notion of a dialectic was __________. a. Plato b. Hegel c. Descartes d. Aristotle A rationalist a. uses logical analysis to understand the world and people’s relations to it. b. is a follower of Aristotle’s empiricist philosophy. c. supports the idea of monism. d. believes that knowledge is acquired through experience and observation. [Show More]

PYC3703 MCQ TESTBANK 2022/2023
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